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CEO's Message

PartDB Co, Ltd. is a leading provider of Engineering IT & VR solutions based on the international s tandard applicable to all of the manufacturing sector.

In 1999, PartDB Co., Ltd was established by Porfessor Soonhung Han (Marine system engineering first director since 2010) KAIST Department of Mechanical Engineering.
Initially, it started as the main business was based on (Part Library), the maintenance / maintenance building and relay services business-to-business and library parts information, and further, the exchange of CAD models with different ISO 13584 (DEX, we are implementing to development projects and the provision of DEX several solutions for Data EXchange).

On the basis of such ISO 10303,15926 ISO TC184/SC4 that is responsible for information management system (LTA, Long-Term data Archiving), collaboration system (Collaboration), CAX before / post (IMS, Information Management System), long-term data storage has been promoting the construction business, such as processor (Pre / Post Processor), and development of solutions related to the PLM field, this has been expanded BIM in the construction field to the (Building Information Modeling) business.

In addition, on the basis of the 19775 ~ 7 X3D ISO, Collada industry standard, and SEDRIS, we are promoting development (Virtual Reality, Virtual Reality) of solution, also build business engineering VR virtual simulation, simulator, and visualization solutions .

By integrating these technologies, we are required primarily to defense industry, as well construction business and content solutions in the field ILS, CBT, IETM, DMU, M & S, such as Design review. Because I promise that you will become a top-notch technology company in the field of VR engineering, IT and in the future, your PartDB will ask for love and sustained attention of everyone.

Yours faithfully,

PartDB CO., LTD. RM205, IT Venturetown, 694, Tamnip-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, 34027, Korea / TEL +82 –(0)42-862-9226 / FAX +82 –(0)42-862-9224